Real-time Voice AI, fully compatible with Avaya Enterprise Communication Platform

Krisp is DevConnect certified to run on Avaya One X Communicator and Agent

Fully compatible with Avaya’s Enterprise Communication Portfolio, Krisp helps Avaya customers everywhere communicate and collaborate with the highest possible quality and impact.

Krisp processes over 165 million minutes of audio for Avaya customers annually, eliminating background noise and echoes, improving voice fidelity, and reducing costs associated with expensive noise suppression hardware. 

Together, Krisp and Avaya deliver next-generation customer and employee experiences that businesses need to turn every moment into an experience that matters.

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Voice AI technology

Krisp delivers cutting-edge Voice AI solutions to Avaya customers around the world, delivering communication and collaboration with the highest possible quality and impact.

AI Accent Localization

Dynamically adjust agents' accents to match a customer’s native accent in real-time, ensuring clear and effective communication. Utilizing cutting-edge AI, this technology significantly enhances comprehension and facilitates smoother interactions between non-native English-speaking agents and customers.

Call Center Transcriptions 

Securely transcribe agent-customer conversations in real-time, directly on-device. PII-redacted, accurate, and PCI compliant transcription aids in efficient documentation, facilitating effortless monitoring and quality control (QC). The result is enhanced call quality and improved operational efficiency.

AI Noise Cancellation

Advanced AI-powered noise cancellation technology eliminates background noises, voices, and echoes during customer calls. This enhancement ensures clearer communication, leading to improved CSAT, reduced Average Handle Time, and overall better customer experiences by providing crystal clear conversations bidirectionally.

Krisp customers experience

“Technology partners like Krisp are critical in providing Avaya customers access to innovative technology that enhances their communications platform without complicating it." Eric Rossman, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Technology Partners, Avaya
“We are proud to offer our customers a seamless experience that combines Krisp’s on-device, Avaya Compliant technology with our enterprise cloud solutions.” Eric Rossman, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Technology Partners, Avaya

Avaya-compliant, with enterprise-grade security 

Privacy & security

     ✅ Avaya DevConnect certified
     ✅ Avaya one-X® Communicator and Avaya one-X® Agent compliant
     ✅ GDPR compliant
     ✅ SOC-2 certified
     ✅ Encryption in-transit and at-rest
     ✅ No voice data visible to Krisp servers

     ✅ Quick, easy deployment at scale
     ✅ User access and management
     ✅ Centralized billing
     ✅ Email, OAuth, and SSO user verification